Our Courses

Our variety of coding and technology related courses, perfectly suited for any elementary or middle schooler.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated high schoolers, ready to lead the next generation and foster a passion for technology.

Arnav Garg


Hello, my name is Arnav Garg. I'm a web developer and a high school student at Lynbrook High School in San Jose.

Joseph Zhang


I am rising senior at Lynbrook. I am passionate about networking and crpytography. In my free time, I enjoy ultralight backpacking as a Boy Scout.

Tevin Wang


I am a rising junior at Valley Christian. I love playing badminton and building websites. I organized and hosted QuestHacks, a 14-hour entrepreneurship themed hackathon.

Meet our Instructors

Aayush Bandopadhyay

Srinjoy Dutta

About THTP

'The Human Tech Project' is a non-for-profit organization which uses the technical skills and experience of the youth for the betterment of the world. Its primary beneficiaries are technologically challenged seniors and underprivileged children. As we move into the age of the Internet, it is becoming more and more important for every individual to embrace the convenience technology brings. That is why we are teaching a rapidly expanding amount of basic technology and programming courses across many locations. Feel free to contact us to request a class!

Our Core Values

Fostering an innovative mindset within the Bay Area youth

We want every student to have a passion and love for technology.

Creating an inclusive and open environment

Our free classes allow students from every demographic to become involved with coding and robotics.

Building a strong work ethic within students

A strong work ethic is crucial for success, and our courses help challenge students so they can achieve their full potential.


Frequently Ask Questions

What if my child has never coded before?

That is completely fine! We are here to help children get into coding and robotics, and no previous experience is required.

What if my childer is older than the recommended ages?

That is alright! It is never too late to start coding, and we will tailor our courses to help your child to the best of our ability.

Are there any underlying costs?

Nope! These courses are completely free!

How are you guys qualified?

Our team consists of many experienced students who have taken college level computer science courses as well participate in the USA Coding Olympiad, Robotics, and other CS related competitions. They've all seen large success in all of their endeavors and are excited to help the next generation get involved with CS and Robotics.

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1280 Johnson Avenue, San Jose, California, USA